First lessons taught…. CHECK!!

Today I overcame my first hurdle today and taught 2 lessons; swimming and English. So here I was, little old me, with 7 ginormous teenage boys and I felt like I was herding cattle across the road, but to my surprise, they actually listened to little old me! We had a great time at the pool and they all responded really well, I think they are warming to me, thank goodness! So we swam, then returned to the classroom where it was time for English. Yay, a subject I could write a lesson plan for, and incorporate ICTs. We focused on character descriptions and I was able to incorporate ICT by using the Interactive whiteboard and an awesome program called Communication in Print. From the cited website, Widgit aids understanding and communication for people who find reading text difficult. Widgit Symbols add visual support to the printed word, giving easier access to information and separating it from the challenge of reading. Symbols open up the world of information to those otherwise excluded from it.

My class has a variety of curriculums in which the students work from which means about 3 times the prep work but it is awesome to see them actually ‘get it’ and answer the questions in a way that is best for them!


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